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DTISS is providing online Banking exams in all levels by focusing and enhancing speed accuracy on daily basis and experience virtual examination test through mobile.

By preparing yourself for exams and updating your knowledge we support and provide you world’s best platform for online mock tests by internet as well as on mobile so that you can increase your chance of success in any exam anywhere in the world.

We complement our online test which will boost your performance by comparing your performance day after day and month after month and construct an appropriate learning path for spectacular achievement. By appearing online examination you will know how you have been doing and you need to prepare yourself to maximize your performance level anytime and anywhere which help you on track, with current scenario, multiple full-length mock tests, social learning, and updating your full potential.

Divine Teachers Institute of Social Science is one of the top institutes in online Banking education . DTISS offers various courses with online examination which teach the concepts of modules and pattern of online examination through practice of test, thus providing a broader exposure to its students.

DTISS Institute provides excellent opportunities to aspiring students who don’t have access to traditional ONLINE methods through its open and flexible approach to practice. Being a fast growing leader in online education, DTISS Institute is immensely passionate about delivering high quality education to its students who aspire to move ahead in their career through additional skill acquisition.


  • Be an individual of excellence in humanistic values.




  • Enhancing students strength & depth of character to earnestly live their life..

  • Support knowledge enhancement through competative exam, e-learning, study of social science & give a proper channel to touch the desired destination.

  • Determine to build the solid character in every respective fields & create winners in the society with quality.




  • "Even if poverty prevented you from being able to graduate from a level higher than high school one should aim to become a people who could one day manage or employ graduates from prestigious universities, such people, even they may not have a university degree, can be called excellent students of the university of life"